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12 Copies of THE HOLY QURAN in ARABIC (Hafizi 15 lines) [208DS]

12 Copies of THE HOLY QURAN in ARABIC (Hafizi 15 lines) [208DS]

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12 Copies

THE HOLY QURAN in ARABIC (Hafizi-15 Lines/Page) 
Each Verse complete at the end of each page

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Cover Color: Assorted (Will ship stock color cover)
Cover Design: Assorted (Will ship stock design cover)
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Pages: 628   
Colors: 2
Paper: Mumtaaz
Lines Per Page: 15          
Approximate Size: 7” x 9.5” x 1.25”
Cover: Hard
Published by:  Darussalam
Printed in Pakistan

Due to the light the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Other Information about The Qur'an

About the Arabic Script: Persian (Desi) Scripts. Also called Mohammadi/Farsi/Urdu Script. This script is used in Pakistan, India, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and part of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Iran, & Indonesia.

Other Information in the Quran: Jamai Duas for the Recitation of the Qur’an, & this world & Hereafter, Success. List of Suras with Juz, Romooz Oakaf, Etiquette of Recitation & Important of Tajweed, Certificate/Statement, Proof Read by the 7 Huffaz, Certificate, Makharij Ul Horoof, Makharij Ul Horrf Details, & Registration Certificate from the Office of the Oakaf, Lahore, and Feedback Note from the Publisher.  

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