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2 Pieces of Indian/Pakistani/Afghani/Punjabi/MULTI Colored Parranda-M80DP

2 Pieces of Indian/Pakistani/Afghani/Punjabi/MULTI Colored Parranda-M80DP

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 Indian/Pakistani/Afghani/Punjabi/ MULTI Colored Paranda/Parandi
2 Pieces

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Stock HP #: M80DP
Approximate Length with Tassels: 27.5"
Size: Adult
Color/Design: As per Photo (Will Ship Stock Design & Color)
Hand Made
Hand Crafted
Made in Pakistan

Note: Minor deviations, minimal imperfection are not a lack of quality; it is Hand Crafted Product.



Paranda is one of the traditional hair handicrafts of PakistanAfghanistanIndia, and other neighboring countries border to 3 countries. Most of women from above countries have natural long hair, where they plait and then tie Paranda at the end. Parandis are available with a great variety in designs and colors. It is hand crafted/hand made out of a bunch of silk & Cotton threads, intricately woven with other skillful works. Further, Paranda making craftsmen requires a great deal of patience, skills and creativity. Finally, Paranda reflect the traditional way of increasing hair beauty. 

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