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Arabic + Urdu Translation + Urdu Tafseer - Tafseer Usmani-The Holy Quran-Large

Arabic + Urdu Translation + Urdu Tafseer - Tafseer Usmani-The Holy Quran-Large

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Tafseer Usmani تفسير عثماني  (MEDIUM) with Box
Reference # ATUS
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                                 The Holy Qur’an in Arabic with Urdu Translation and Urdu Tafseer                        Urdu Translation by Maulana Mahmood Hassan
Tafseer by Shabbir Ahmed Usmani 

      تفسیر عثمانی ڈبے والی

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Colors: 2 and Green Paper
Paper: High Quality
Cover Color: Will ship stock color cover
Cover Design: Will ship stock design cover
Cover: Hard 
Pages: 841
Comes with built-in bookmark
Lines: 11
Approximate Size: 6.5" X 8.5" X 1.5"
Printed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan   
About the Arabic Script: Persian (Desi) Scripts (also called Mohammedi/Farsi/Urdu Script).This script is used in Pakistan, India, and part of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa.


Other Information Printed on this Quran

   Khusosiat of Tafseer Usmani
Sawanahi Hayat of Sabbir Ahmed Usmani
Dua Khatamul Quran
 Mufeed Bataa
List of Suras
Rozoom E Oakaaf & Raszmul Khat
Important Direction & Arabic Raszmul Khat
Dua E Qatmul Quran 
Romooz Okaff of the Quran
Importance instructions of reading the Quran
Instruction of reading the Quran Properly
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