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Color Coded-Tajweedi Quran-Art/Glossy Paper [Q135] (15 Lines) Eid Gift

Color Coded-Tajweedi Quran-Art/Glossy Paper [Q135] (15 Lines) Eid Gift

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  The Holy Quran in Arabic (15 lines)    Color Coded Tajweedi with Tajweed Rules 
Each Verse complete at the end of each page

Ramadhan Gift
Eid Gift
Gift for Children
Donation for Masjids
Gift for Weekend Schools
Gift for Friends


Reference # Q135

The Holy Qur’an in Arabic (15 Lines per page)

Edges: 7 Colors

Paper: Glossy Paper (also called Art Paper)

Cover: Hard Cover

Cover Color: Assorted (Will ship stock color cover)

Cover Design: Assorted (Will ship stock design cover)

Pages: 616

Publisher: Qudrat Ullah/I & Z

Comes with built-in bookmark

Lines: 15  

Approximate Size: 7.5” x 10” x 1.25”

Printed in Pakistan




About the Arabic Script:  Persian (Desi) Scripts. Also called Mohammadi/Farsi/Urdu Script. This script is used in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), and part of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Iran, & Indonesia.

Other Information Printed in this Quran

Publisher Note, Ramooz Oakaf Quran, Place of Articulation, Alphabet & their Pronunciation (18 Ways), Color Coded Tajweed Rules, Read the words as follows, Table of Contents, Color Coded Tajweed Rules, Proof Read Certification by 5 Huffaz-Qari Mohammad Ashraf Khosabi, Qari Mohammad Islam, Qari Muhammad Ajmal, Hafidh Mohammad Yousuf & Hafidh Mohammad Mustamir Khan, List of Surahs, & Dua Khatamul Quran (short & long).


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