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The Holy Quran (Ara. + Urdu +Eng.) [HB] A. Y. Ali & M.F. M. Jallendhri #MCAEU

The Holy Quran (Ara. + Urdu +Eng.) [HB] A. Y. Ali & M.F. M. Jallendhri #MCAEU

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 About the Holy Quran (Mushaf)

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The Holy Qur'an (Arabic + Urdu + English + Notes + Brief Introduction) 
         English Translation By  Allama Abdullah Yusuf Ali                                                                   

Urdu Translation By  Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jallendhri                               

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  • Three Columns
    • Column 1: Arabic
    • Column 2: Urdu
    • Column 3: English Translation
  • Comes with built-in bookmark
  • Persian (Desi) Script
  • Approximate Size: 9.75” x 7.5” x 1.5”
  • Pages: 754
  • Cover: Hard 
  • Font Color: 1
  • Edges: Rainbow
  • Printed in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • An Original Publication of Mehtab Company
  • Cover Color: Assorted (Will ship stock cover color)
  • Cover Design: Assorted (Will ship stock Cover Design)

                                                     Other Information Printed in this Quran

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 List of Parts
An Appeal to Readers
From the Preface to First Edition -1934 by A. Y. Ali
 An Appeal to Readers
Certificate of Proof Reading
List of Surahs (Chapters)
Transliteration of Arabic Words & Names
Dua Katamul Quran  (Al Dua Al Masoora)
22 pages of Fawaid in Urdu 
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