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The Holy Quran in Arabic (Waowi-واؤ قرآن) [JFW] Gift for Parents/Wedding

The Holy Quran in Arabic (Waowi-واؤ قرآن) [JFW] Gift for Parents/Wedding

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The Holy Quran in Arabic (Waowi-واؤ قرآن) with Box
Each Line Of The Text is Starts With “Waow- و

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The Holy Quran in Arabic (Waowi)
Each Line Of The Text is Starts With “Waow” 
Cover Color: Assorted (Will ship stock color cover)
Cover Design: Assorted (Will ship stock design cover)
The Waow Qur’an in Arabic
       Fast the USA Shipping
         Pages: 75            Cover: Hard        Border Color: Gold               
Approximate Quran Size: 15.75” x 11.5” x .75”
Approximate Box Size: 12” x 18”             Lines per page: 15
Comes with built-in bookmark


Other Information About The Qur'an

About the Arabic Script: Persian (Desi) Scripts. Also called Mohammadi/Farsi/Urdu Script. This script is used in Pakistan, India, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and part of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Iran, & Indonesia. 

Al-Quran-ul-Karim (Waowi): Each line of the text is starts with “Waow”. The colorful border around the text was perfectly in line with the splendid manuscripts produced through centuries. The motifs and the book plan represent a tradition of elegance and devotion lay down by chains of great artisans, devotes, and saints.  

Attributes of Allah (A.S.T.) & Prophets Muhammad (S.A.W.), Scripts with vowel and without vowel, Index of symbols denoting pauses,  Publisher note, This Quran is printed according to the Qiraa’et of Imam Hafs, Simplified rules of Tajweed, The rule of Waqf (Stopping), Method of Khatmul-Qur’an, Tilawat of the Qur’an, The Surats of the Qur’an which are to be read in Salaah, The aayat of Sajdatut-tilwaa, How to perform the Sajdatut-tilawah, Brief history regarding the recitation of the Qur’an ul Kareem, Name of Imam/Name of Two Rawis, Ramooz Oakaf Quran, List of Surahs, List of Surahs Alphabetically, Dua of Khatamul Quran, Certificate of Registration, & Certificate of Proof Reading.    

Printed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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