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THE SALAH OF WOMEN [ASTSW] Gift for Mother/Sisters/Family Members

THE SALAH OF WOMEN [ASTSW] Gift for Mother/Sisters/Family Members

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The Salah of Women
Compiled By Madrasah Arabia Islamia (South Africa)
Reference # ASTSW

Gift for Mother
Ramadhan Gift
Eid Gift
Gift for Sisters
Donation for Masajids
Gift for Weekend Schools
Gift for Friends


 The Salah of Women


Published by: Altaf & Sons
Paper Type: Mumtaaz
Font Color: 1
Cover: Soft (Approved for Inmates)
Cover Color: Assorted (Will ship stock color cover)
Cover Design: Assorted (Will ship stock design cover)
Pages: 165
Comes with built-in bookmark
Approximate Size: 8.5" x 5.75” x 0.5”
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Printed in Pakistan

Other Information in This Book

Publisher Note, Contents, Chapter 1: Method of Salah, Chapter 2: Differences in Laws Between Males & Females, Chapter 3: Proofs From The Ahadith, Chapter 4: The Jurists, Chapter 5: Women In The Masjid, Bibliography from Arabic/Urdu/English Languages, & Glossary

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